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School Site Council

The Ashley Falls "School Site Council" (SSC) is an advisory body composed of ten "voting" members: five staff members and five parents.  The purpose of School Site Council (SSC) is to provide parent input on a variety of issues such as our SiP Budget, the School Site Plan, and safety.
Our School Site Council will meet four times during the school year to look at our School Plan, review our program goals, and make recommendations about the SIP budget. All parents are welcome to attend.
Meeting Dates 2023-2024
October 30, 2023
 January 22, 2024
 March 25, 2024
 May 13, 2024

2023-2024 Members

Community Members
Laurie Altschul  
Sherrie Simkin  
Yoonjung Kim  
Samantha Schwartz-Lenhart  
Laura Wolf  
Staff Members  
Karly Pecorella  
Alma Abrams  
Deanna Bruckman  
Amy Graham  
Wendy Medina