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About Us

Welcome to Ashley Falls!
Ashley Falls and the Del Mar Union School District are at the forefront of education! We are in an unrelenting pursuit to create an extraordinary school experience that ignites personal genius in our students and empowers them to advance the world.
We know that students must be prepared for a new world: a world where your children will have jobs in industries that may not even exist yet. Where they will need to think flexibly, collaborate well with others, and be problem finders. Because of this, we must prepare our students to become thinkers and active participants in the process of learning. We are committed to creating a culture of thinking at Ashley Falls where staff and students are continuously learning and growing together. 
By providing a strong academic core, high-quality instruction, strengthening the skills that matter most, and creating an engaging and supportive environment, we are confident that students will thrive throughout their years at Ashley Falls.
In addition to growing academically, we also support students’ social and emotional growth by participating in the No Place for Hate initiative and using the Second Step curriculum. We want to help your children become empathetic, build meaningful relationships with others, and live their best life.
Ashley Falls School is truly a magical place and we are lucky to partner with you as we ignite your child’s genius together!